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Young Israel of Riverdale Personal Messages

Mazal Tov

Rabbi Avrohom and Rivkah Ausband on the engagement of their son, Yehuda Leib, to Tamar Herzka

Dr. Boruch and Anna (Kest) Feinberg on two simchas: the engagement of Yitzie Kest to Giti Feder; the bas mitzvah of Perri Feinberg

Rabbi Moshe and Shifra Ferber on the bar mitzvah of their son Shloimie

Dr. Chaim and Dena Levsky on the birth of their daughter, Chana

Rabbi Yehuda and Tzippy Altusky on the birth of their son Aharon Dov

Marvin and Helena Goldstein on the birth of a grandson, Eliyahu, to Yair and Rachel Berko

Rabbi Alfred and Shoshana Freeman on three simchas: the birth of a greatgrandson, to Yehuda and Shana Zachariash; the birth of a greatgranddaughter, to Yecheskel and Chana Blitz; the bar mitzvah of their grandson. Mordechai Zachariash son of Rabbi Avrohom Baruch and Chana Zachariash.

Rabbi Meir Simcha and Miriam Mayerfeld on the birth of their daughter, Nechama

Moses and Marga Marx on the engagement of their grandson, Azriel Katz to Devora Leiser

Rabbi Gideon and Elizabeth Rothstein on the bar mitzvah of their son Adir

Dr. Menachem and Annette Rubin on the forthcoming marriage of their son, Yona, to Tzipora Vogel

Chaim and Tatiana Lichtenstein on the bas mitzvah of their daughter, Yehudit

Ann and Tobi Schapiro on the birth of their first Great Grandson Yakir Amichai  Shumacher  born in Israel to their grandchildren Navah and Azari Shumacher

Rabbi Mordechai and Faygie Willig on the bar mitzvah of their grandson, Chaim Willig, son of Avrohom and Yocheved Willig

Condolences to

David Kahan, Terry Scharf, and Judy Turkel on the loss of their wife and mother, Gerda Kahan

Steven Lesh on the loss of his mother, Miriam Lesh

Regina Pretsfelder on the loss of her husband, Otto Pretsfelder

Tzeischem L'shalom

Dr. Mordechai and Elaine Bodenheimer, who moved to Baltimore

Netanel and Audrey Cohen, who moved to Bergenfield