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Sukkah Registry:
Once more this year, Young Israel is making available a Sukkah Registry. This enables Young Israel families to offer their hospitality to other families in need of a sukkah. In order to arrange Sukkah “matches”, interested Young Israel families are asked to contact Daniel Retter, who will endeavor to match up those who need Sukkah arrangements with those who wish to share their Sukkah. 917-541-3054

Congratulations to Ms. Raizi Chechik on her appointment as Head of School at Manhattan Day School

In Print:
Bracha Orya Sharp, daughter of Chaim and Tzipora Sharp, was awarded first prize in national poetry contest published in AMERICAN POETRY REVIEW. She graduated Touro College Lander College for Women, Sunmma Cum Laude.

Avi Wasserman—son-in-law of Ron and Etty Nussbaum—authored WELCOME TO OUR TABLE (Feldheim)

Gemach of Riverdale-Interest Free Loan Program
The Gemach of Riverdale provides interest-free loans to families and individuals in our community who find themselves with unexpected shortfalls or short term capital needs. Our simple, discreet application process ensures confidentiality and quick decision timeframes. If you know of anyone in our community who needs help, or if you need help yourself the Gemach of Riverdale is here. Please contact Rabbi Moshe Drelich for a confidential consultation at 917-408-3035 or

Bikur Cholim
Bikur Cholim of Riverdale wishes to inform you that the Yehuda Memorial Bikur Cholim Room at Montefiore Hospital will be fully stocked with food for Yom Tov.  
We are currently planning the volunteer schedule for this coming year. If you would like to volunteer on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis or you would like to volunteer for Respite please contact us. We need your help!! If you need more information about the room or the services Bikur Cholim provides year-round, please contact us Bikur Cholim of Riverdale or Tammy Alter at 917-543-4844 and Orital Weinroth at 917-257-5681.

The Bikur Cholim of Riverdale Medical Equipment Gemach, named in memory of Dr. Mark Ellen, Elimelech ben Chaim Yehoshua Hakohen loans out medical equipment at no charge to those in need in the Riverdale community. We stock wheelchairs, walkers, rollaids, commodes, adult and children’s crutches, shower chairs, a bed assist rail, an IV stand, a cane, a waterproof cast protector and other small medical-related items. Please contact Bikur Cholim of Riverdale or Orital Weinroth at 917-257-5681 and Tammy Alter at  917-543-4844 for more information or to arrange a drop-off or pick-up. 

Riverdale Mikveh:

YIR Membership:
YIR Membership: Fee schedule $400 PER FAMILY $210 PER SINGLE MEMBER. Checks should be made out to the Young Israel of Riverdale and please write "Membership" in the Memo portion of the check. In the event of any changes, please email Sarita Gober so your information can be updated and current. Return completed forms to YIRiverdale c/o Bracha Rosenbaum 715 West 246th Street, Riverdale, NY 10471.

- Please Click Here to download YIR membership form.

Riverdale Community Bais Midrash:
For programs at the Riverdale Community Bais Midrash, please contact
Rabbi Elchanan Finkelstein at (718) 543-6934

Sound bite:
To send a sound bite to the shul, call Mrs. Rebecca Rosenbaum at (718)548-4240. If you do not currently receive sound bites, please contact Dr. Yael Buckstein to have your phone number added. To be added or deleted from the email list, or to post a message please e-mail or call Aviva Ghermezian (718) 432-7235.

Personals for the next Bulletin should be emailed to

Email List:
To be added or deleted from the email list, or to post a message please Contact us or email to Young Israel of Riverdale Please note that messages are limited to shul-related announcements (e.g., shiurim) and community wide chesed or tzedakah events.