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Lecture Title Topic Speaker Year
13 IkarimChange and Evolution in HalachaRabbi Mordechai Willig2012
7 Mitzvot Bnei NoahParasha and HalachaRabbi Lowenthal2014
Are Your Fruits and Vegetables Kosher? (Shemita & Checking)ShemitaRabbi Mordechai Willig2014
Krias Shema and Learning Torah & Is Shavuos the Day of Matan TorahParasha and HalachaRabbi Lowenthal2015
Parshas Shmos: Halachic and Hashkafic Perspectives on NamesParasha and HalachaRabbi Simcha Scheinberg2015
Praying to Angels, Blessings from Rabbis, and Visiting GravesTefillahRabbi Mordechai Becher2015
The name of Hashem: pronounced differently than it's written formParasha and HalachaRabbi Lowenthal2015
A Ben Noach Who Keeps ShabbosParasha and HalachaRabbi Lowenthal2016
A Guest Lighting The MenorahParasha and HalachaRabbi Lowenthal2016
A New Year: New Challenges and Renewed CommitmentMoadim / ChagimRabbi Yehuda Goldberg2014
A taste of PurimParasha and HalachaRabbi Lowenthal2016
A women's obligation to hear the MegilahParasha and HalachaRabbi Lowenthal2015
Ani MaaminChange and Evolution in HalachaRabbi Mordechai Willig2012
Answering During DaveningParasha and HalachaRabbi Lowenthal2017
Are women obligated to say Hallel on Chanukah?Parasha and HalachaRabbi Lowenthal2015
Asking a non-Jew to do melacha on shabbosParasha and HalachaRabbi Lowenthal2015
Assistance by Non-Jew on Shabbos/Yom Tov - Part IIShabbosRabbi Mordechai Willig2014
Azkarat Yetziat MitzraimParasha and HalachaRabbi Busel2014
Baruch ShepatraniParasha and HalachaRabbi Lowenthal2015
Beautifying a MitzvahParasha and HalachaRabbi Lowenthal2016
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