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Young Israel of Riverdale - Welcome

An Early Reminder for Yamim Noraim Seats:
It may seem early to be thinking of Yomim Noraim, but much planning is required for satisfactory seating. All the mispalelim are urged by the chairman, Leonard Mezei, to make their reservations for the Yomim Noraim by September 1. After that date, ALL SEATS will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Even if the seat has been purchased in previous years, there is no guarantee that it will be available for this year without reservation.
Prices are $100 per seat for members and $150 per seat for non-members.
Download Yomin Noraim Reservation Form

Weekly Zmanim: - 06/25 - 06/30/17

Sunday Rosh Chodesh - 7:30AM 8:15AM
Monday, Thursday - 6:30AM 7:20AM
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday - 6:40AM 7:30AM
Mincha and First Maariv: - 8:15PM
Second Maariv: - Everyday at 9:05PM

Parking Permit Sign Download Here

Shabbos Parashas Korach - Rosh Chodesh

Friday - 06/23/17:

Candle Lighting: 8:13PM
Mincha I: 6:40PM
MinchaII: 8:10PM

Shabbos - 06/24/17:

Shacharit (Hashkama Minyan): 7:30AM

After Hashkama Minyan Shiurim:
Daf Yomi Shiur: Dr. Y. Fink
Chumash Shiur

Shacharit (Main Minyan): 8:30AM
Kiddush: Please join us for a Kiddush this Shabbos, Parshas Korach,after the Main Minyan in the Willig Social Hall In honor of the recent marriage of Daniella Spira to Shimi Schonbrun Special Mazal Tov to Vera and Soli Spira and David and Liora Rosenblum. Mazal Tov!

After Main Minyan Shiurim:
Daf Yomi Shiur: Mr. Daniel Retter

To sponsor the kiddush please contact Danny Ellen

Willig Social Hall rental agreement Download Here

Shabbos Youth Program:

Shabbos Morning Groups: ​Shabbos morning groups will meet at 9:45am in the Rabbi Jerome and Ella Willig Hall. We are now offering:
Ages 3 to 4 - boys & girls
Ages 6 and up- girls
Ages 5 to 7 - boys
Ages 8 and up - boys

PIRCHEI AND B'NOS: Both will meet at YIR, 3pm-4pm, April 29th-June 24th Pirchei is for boys 1st-4th grade. B'nos is for girls 1st-4th grade.

More Youth Activities

Shabbos afternoon:

Rabbi Shiur: 7:10PM
Mincha: 8:10PM
Maariv: 9:15PM