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Young Israel of Riverdale - Welcome

Weekly Zmanim: - 02/26 - 03/03/17

Sunday Rosh Chodesh - 7:30AM 8:15AM
Monday - Rosh Chodesh - 6:20AM 7:15AM
Thursday- 6:30AM 7:20AM
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday - 6:40AM 7:30AM
Mincha and First Maariv: - 5:30PM
Second Maariv: - Monday through Thursday (not on legal holidays) - 8:00PM
Third Maariv: - Everyday at 9:05PM

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Shabbos Parashas Mishpatim

Friday - 02/24/17:

Candle Lighting: 5:23PM
Mincha: 5:25PM

Shabbos - 02/25/17:

Shacharit (Hashkama Minyan): 7:30AM

After Hashkama Minyan Shiurim:
Daf Yomi Shiur: Dr. Y. Fink
Chumash Shiur

Shacharit (Main Minyan): 8:30AM

After Main Minyan Shiurim:
Daf Yomi Shiur: Mr. Daniel Retter

To sponsor the kiddush please contact Danny Ellen

Shabbos Youth Program:

Shabbos Morning Groups: ‚ÄčDue to space considerations there will not be Shabbos morning groups this Shabbos.
More Youth Activities

Avos u'Banim - Motza'ai Shabbos Avos UBanim will meet this week at 7:30pm (until 8:30pm)! We are looking for volunteers to pick up the pizza this Motzai Shabbos. To sponsor a week sign your name on the "Sign Up" sheet in shul or contact Yehuda Meyers.

YIRYD Motzash Girlzone invites all girls 4th-8th grade to... CUPCAKE DECORATING WITH MRS. CHANI HILLER! February 25th 8-9PM At YIR

Shabbos afternoon:

Rabbi's Shiur: 4:15PM
Mincha: 5:15PM
Maariv: 6:30PM